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der Vorstellung eines Falles von Ktitislepromen. Deutsche
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Ein Fall von Amblyopie nach Chininintoxication. Klin.
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public health mortality and meteorology of Rhode Island.
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than any substitute. It should be followed by an alkaline douche
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the development of our knowledge of this disease and on what we know
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not to apply toxic drugs directly to the raw surfaces on account
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tially in a profound vasomotor disturbance. He adds that he
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her hundredth year at which time she had a severe fall
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The following communication was received from the Medical
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with a compound transverse fracture of the fore arm the ulna
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muscles held rigidly. On percussion there is dullness
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as they are sometimes called. Here and there through
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mouth and tongue are white the vomitus is white with
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of the water introduced plus dirt added by the bathers. A guide
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anatomic study of nephritics showing hypertension brought out
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